Our top 3 children's bikes

Published on 11.05.2022

The ACL joined forces with various other European clubs to put twelve 20" children's bikes to the test. Only three of them stood out as being particularly good.

The 20-inch children's bike represents the first steps towards independent cycling, whether in the city or out on a trail, and it’s important that the child be confident when making this initial foray into the world of mobility, which is why it’s vital to ensure that every young cyclist has a suitable means of getting around.

Along with its European partners, the ACL tested twelve 20-inch bikes produced by recognised brands and sold in specialist stores and online. Various factors were taken into account in evaluating the models, including agility and rider comfort, handling and ease of access to the various functions (brakes, lighting, bell, derailleur, etc.), safety and resistance, and the presence or absence of any toxic substances in the components.

The results were clear: only three models received a ‘good’ rating, while five of them presented safety flaws and over half (seven models) contained toxic substances in their saddles.

The cheapest model in the group was, in fact, one of those that came out on top, with the City Bike D4 Rock from Decathlon, with an average price tag of €270, coming third only to winning model Skyride 20-3 Alu Light (€460) by Puky and Kid 200 Street (€480) by Cube (2nd place).

Test results



The test winner is the Puky Skyride


Some tips for the parents

  • Before the children's bicycles are passed on from one child to the next, it is advisable to check the individual components for possible cracks. If necessary, the specialised trade can provide support here.
  • Proper adjustment and a test ride at a specialist dealer are advantageous. The brake handles, position and accessibility of the bell should be adjusted in such a way that they can also be operated as easily as possible by the child.
  • The first practice rides with children are best carried out on a closed-off area.

Do you still have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us at +352 45 00 45-1 or acl@acl.lu.

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