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Cargo bikes put to the test by mobility experts

Published on 13.12.2021

From the two-wheeler to the longtail, we at the ACL have tested a number cargo bikes to help shed some light on this new mode of transportation.

Robust and agile, it has the added advantage of being able to transport anything from children and animals to shopping, goods and other parcels. You could quite easily get used to it!
We tested two-wheeler and longtail models that were chosen for their versatility, adaptability and ease of use. 

The two-wheeler 

This is an elongated bike with a front loading area only slightly wider than the handlebars, making it easy to weave in and out of traffic or along bike lanes. It does ride very much like a traditional bike, though.

The longtail 

This is a longer bike with a longer rear frame that is becoming increasingly popular, especially among women. Its sturdier luggage rack makes it suitable for carrying children, parcels, luggage, etc., and the bike rides similarly to a traditional bike in terms of handling, with easier storage than you’d get with a two-wheeler.

ACL Clubmobil selected 3 models to test drive


Riese & Müller Load 75 
The Riese & Müller model can be configured in various ways, although it was, in fact, designed primarily for families.

  • Stability, efficiency and comfort thanks to front and rear suspension 
  • Premium fittings and finish
  • Maximum load: 200kg (cyclist weight included)
  • Modular, although it was designed primarily for families:
    • 2 child seats and a canopy to protect against the cold and rain
    • A box for transporting shopping and other goods.
  • A central loading area only slightly wider than the handlebars, making it easy to weave in and out of traffic or along bike lanes, despite its long wheelbase
  • Front and rear lighting for your safety
  • Range of 50-110km, depending on the load and the chosen level of assistance


Tern GSD S00
The Tern GSD S00 electric cargo bike is designed for use by families in both urban and rural settings, making day-to-day travel that much easier. It’s really not very bulky, and can be stored vertically so that it rests on the luggage rack. The telescopic seatpost can be retracted to the lowest position and the stem also folds away easily.


  • A compact and easy-to-handle cargo bike that rides very similarly to a traditional bike
  • Efficient assistance of the Bosch Performance CX engine and the ease of use of continuously variable transmission
  • A long integrated luggage rack to accommodate up to 2 children or 1 adult on Hamax seats or directly on cushions
  • Exceptional load capacity of 200kg
  • Many optional accessories available for transporting children and goods
  • Front and rear lighting for your safety
  • Range of 85-101km, depending on the load and the chosen level of assistance


Video of the Riese & Müller Load 75 and the Tern GSD S00 under test. 



And the latest kid on the block: the Urban Arrow Shorty    
This model is best suited to transporting shopping and other goods. This electric two-wheeler is certainly in good shape and undeniably multifunctional, with its large modular box with a capacity of 150L, not to mention the safety it offers thanks to its robust materials and remarkable braking capacities.
  • Compact size with no compromise on agility
  • Ideal for transporting goods in urban settings thanks to the box located at the front of the bike. It boasts a volume of 150L closed and protected, with a load capacity of 85kg
  • A very smooth and pleasant assisted ride thanks to its continuous transmission
  • Front and rear lighting for your safety
  • Range of 40-80km, depending on the load and the chosen level of assistance

© Urban Arrow

We at the ACL have fallen in love with the cargo bike, which offers so many possibilities for families and businesses alike.
It is particularly well suited to urban areas, in accordance with the rules and regulations that govern driving and road-sharing, of course, and is also available for short or long-term rental from ACL Clubmobil. 

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