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Storing collector's cars

Published on 09.04.2021

Sports or simply vintage - storage options need thinking about

You’d like to have it close by, but there’s no room. You want to give it loads of TLC, but you don’t have limitless time. You’d like to gaze at it adoringly as much as possible, but it won’t fit in your office! That’s a brief outline of the situation that we frequently find ourselves in when you become the owner of a little wonder, the apple of our eye!
In actual fact, buying a collector’s car is very often the culmination of a dream, maybe even a life-long one. So, once you’ve done it, you need to take care of it, as nothing is too good when it comes to cherishing the reward for all that waiting.

Keeping it safe is top priority!

Finding a secure location far from covetous and prying eyes but accessible whenever you want isn’t an easy task, and requires a little research. Not forgetting a real desire to keep the object of your desire on Luxembourg soil. And yes, we are keenly aware of the scenario where you can’t get to your car because it’s being stored abroad and the borders are closed due to Covid. So, think very hard about the storage location, even if the address of the safe is a well-guarded secret, even to you as the owner and user of your collector’s car. A secure enclosed space obviously doesn’t rob you of the opportunity to keep an eye on your car. Whether you’re in your office or at a restaurant with friends, just press on the button on your PC or smart phone and it will appear.

Do your own maintenance and repair or bring in a specialist

Whether you have a sports or vintage car, technical aspects like maintenance and repair can also be covered by a clause in your storage contract. If a secret storage location means that you have to have your car delivered to a specific place or even your home, the storage provider can also arrange for your vehicle to be dropped off at a garage of your choice. So, whether you’re an experienced owner-mechanic or complete novice, you can ensure that it’s in good working order before you take it out any time. I’ll take this opportunity to remind you of the high skills levels of our team at the Automobile Club du Luxembourg when it comes to diagnostics and other technical training experience.

Clean as a whistle!

In addition to storage, collection and new visibility technology, cleaning the beautiful bodywork and looking after the upholstery and carpets might well be included in the agreements you have signed with your storage provider. Specialists can do the cleaning after each outing, taking care not to damage the bodywork. In some cases, your storage provider can even offer polishing and the application of "Ceramic" protection. This is one of the services proposed by Vippark, for example.

Three S’s for satisfaction!

In conclusion: “Security, Service and Safekeeping” are the three key words for ensuring the right storage and optimum use of the object of your wildest dreams.

Image source: DR



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