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How to spruce your car up a bit

Published on 14.10.2019

ACL advice -back from the holidays

After the holidays, your poor old car probably deserves a bit of TLC. Long distances, some on hot, dusty roads, also impair a car’s performance. Drivers might like to following the following advice from ACL so that the holiday trip doesn’t wear the car out too much:

Empty the boot and the inside of anything that doesn’t need to be there. All the stuff that you take on holiday doesn’t just take up space, but also causes unnecessary fuel consumption because of the weight. And these items can become dangerous projectiles if you brake sharply or have an accident. We also advise you to remove the luggage rack. You then need to clean the interior carefully, as salt and sand residue can speed up corrosion.

A thorough clean

Clean the inside of the windows too. Exhaust gases and dust in ventilated air are deposited on the windows as a tough film of dirt. An inspection of the wipers often reveals that the thin strip of rubber has literally stuck to the windscreen due to the summer heat. If so, you need to fit new wipers, as the next major rain will be with us by autumn.
You should also check that the bodywork and headlight glass are undamaged. Stone chip damage needs to be repaired immediately before it gets worse, which will mean major repairs.
Finally, you need to take a close look at the tyres, which will have done plenty of miles. Check the tread depth: according to the Highway Code, tyre grooves need to be at least 1.6 mm deep. ACL actually advises 4 mm. If the tyre pressures were increased before the holidays because of the extra load, it’s a good idea to go back the figures recommended by the manufacturer.

If you want to know the exact condition of your vehicle, you can contact the ACL Diagnostic Center (Tel. 45 00 45-6007 or at


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