Bike helmets for children

Published on 19.07.2021

Choose a safe and suitable product!

Whilst wearing a helmet is strongly recommended, there is no legal obligation to do so in Luxembourg. Nevertheless, helmets can, if worn properly, effectively protect your child against many head injuries should they fall.

The helmet must meet European safety standards and should always be tried before you buy. Once you have chosen the right helmet, you will need to take the time to adjust it to fit your child's head correctly. If it does not fit properly, the helmet will not be able to protect the head as it should. Make sure that your child's bicycle helmet fits the shape of their head perfectly. While most helmet sizes start at 48cm, some brands offer helmets for smaller heads, starting at 45cm. For increased comfort, choose a helmet that can be adjusted. Removable padding can also be used to helped achieve the perfect fit. A bicycle helmet should not only protect the front, top and back of the head, but also the sides. For greater protection against impact, you might want to choose a helmet with a flexible visor. It is important that the child like the design of the helmet, because if they do not like it, they will not wear it. It should also make them clearly visible. Choose bright colours or a helmet with extra reflectors. Remember to replace the helmet after a fall, even if there is no visible external damage. The impact may have structurally damaged the helmet, meaning that it will no longer offer sufficient protection in the event of another fall.

Tips from Suzie Godart
Script - Educational Initiative and Programme Coordination Division. As part of her role, Suzie is responsible for promoting cycling in schools.
Generally speaking, all helmets should bear the CE mark, but always check that yours does!

It is important that the child try the helmet on first to ensure that it fits their head properly for greater comfort. The triangular straps around the ear allow you to adjust the helmet securely and ensure that it fits properly. Choose a colourful helmet that will be easily visible in traffic, and why not even add some lights to it!
As a parent, it is up to you to set an example for your children, and children whose parents wear helmets tend to follow suit in this respect. Start them early! Children who wear helmets from a very early age tend to continue to do so as they grow up.


The Andy Schleck selection


WOOM kid's helmet

With its innovative features, the Woom helmet provides complete protection for the head, with a particularly deep shell to protect the forehead, temples and back of the head. It also offers optimal ventilation, not to mention an easy-to-use magnetic clasp, and the size can be accurately adjusted thanks to its removable padding and a rotating fastening mechanism. The flexible visor, meanwhile, is a unique safety feature that provides additional impact protection. Available in several colours.
Sizes from 46 to 56cm.
From €69.

BONTRAGER TYRO helmet from Trek

The Tyro is a child's helmet that offers the same levels of performance and comfort as an adult helmet. The moulded EPS foam shell with additional coverage at the back guarantees protection and strength, whilst the Fidlock magnetic buckle makes it easy for children to fasten the chin strap themselves and the thumbwheel adjustment system on the back allows it to be adjusted to fit heads of varying circumferences. Available in several colours.
Sizes from 50 to 55cm.
From €50.
POCito Omne SPIN helmet from POC

The POC POCito Omne Spin helmet features a 360° adjustment system for precision and an EPS lining optimised for protection. It may have inherited its design and features from the adult version, but this model is specially designed to meet the specific needs of young cyclists. As with all POCito products, the engineers have worked to further improve the levels of proactive protection that our children's helmets provide. The POCito Omne Spin is available in fluorescent colours, with reflective details making the helmet even more easily visible and helping to attract attention.
Sizes from 48 to 56cm.
From €90.



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