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Cadillac XT4

Published on 07.04.2021

Stateside freedom

One of the world’s most popular premium US marques, Cadillac enters a new market segment today:  the Crossover compact with its XT4.

The days of imposing long-bodied convertibles symbolising the American Dream of the 1960s seem very far away now. Immediately recognisable, they made Cadillac’s reputation, but nowadays it's all about SUVs. The marque has revamped its models, focussing heavily on this segment. A new model comes out today: the XT4, the marque’s first ever compact crossover. There is no lack of competition in a rapidly-growing premium segment. Volvo, Mercedes, Audi – all of the major marques already have their own model. The US marque is sending a clear message to its rivals with the XT4, conceived by Cadillac’s youngest team of designers: it’s designed to be young, adventurous and bold, just like its target clients.

Directly inspired by its big brother the XT5, which is the marque’s best-selling model throughout the world, the XT4 has no need to blush when it comes to comparison. It’s just as spacious inside, and the compact crossover also has Cadillac’s new visual identity. A new design code, yes but after all these years, the marque still manages to maintain its characteristic imposing look with its dominant grille at the front. The unique Cadillac DNA has stood the test of time, and we approve!

It’s a premium marque, so there’s plenty of on-board technology for passenger comfort and safety: rear camera connected to the rear-view mirror, ventilated front seats with massage function and a warning system that makes the driver’s seat vibrate when there is danger.

Power and efficiency speak for themselves. Available in petrol and diesel versions, the 2-litre, four-cylinder engine delivers a maximum 230 horsepower.
But we should point out that this model is only available as a 9-speed automatic. A shame for people who prefer to drive a manual, all the more so because the automatic gear change kicks in too early, giving the impression that the engine is struggling all the time.

With 637 liters of boot space, the Cadillac XT4 has plenty of room, and is designed for a family with young children who love to head out into the countryside for walks and weekend getaways.




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