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Bip&Go: electronic toll collection instructions

Published on 12.05.2023

To save time on the road to your holiday destination, ACL advises you to subscribe to Bip&Go electronic toll collection. No more waiting at tolls in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. On sale at ACL.

The Bip&Go electronic toll tag allows you to pass through motorway tolls in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy without waiting. As an ACL member, you benefit from a preferential rate of €26 instead of €47 for non-members.

Important: Please note that for existing subscriptions, changes of subscription, obtaining a new badge, etc. cannot be done at ACL but must be done online via your Bip&Go account or on request at

ACL welcomes you in its Bertrange and Ingeldorf branches to inform you and set up your Bip&Go subscription. Depending on your use - occasional or regular - we will be able to advise you on the best formula. When you subscribe for the first time, our staff will give you your badge and explain how to use it. For detailed price information on the countries in which you wish to use your Bip&Go badge, please refer to our website under the heading of vignettes and tolls by choosing the country concerned.

Video summary of practical information about the Bip&Go



You have decided to subscribe to Bip&Go

To take out a subscription, go to our branches in Bertrange (from 1 June onwards, you will need to make an appointment for this ACL site) or Ingeldorf and take with you

  • Your identity card (or another form of identification)
  • Your bank card (with IBAN or R.I.B. number)
  • Your mobile phone (for the electronic signature based on a code sent by sms) 
  • Your e-mail address

We will give you your "Bip&Go" badge and it can be activated directly.

We wish you a safe journey!


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