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Electrifying adventure with the Audi e-tron GT!

Published on 16.09.2021

What’s not to love about those sculptural lines? The Audi e-tron GT looks like something out of a dream, too good to be true, yet it is very much a reality.

Our journey begins at the Cloche d'Or. It's 10am, and a small convoy of Audi e-tron GTs is setting off towards Schengen. The broad curves in the road are perfect for showcasing the car’s agility, and it really is a treat to drive, with its responsive handling and stable cornering. Passing through the woods, we suddenly find ourselves in the middle of the vineyards, the scenery simply breathtaking. Along the tops of the ridges, we can see the Moselle below us as we cruise along at a steady pace, arriving, a few moments later, at our first stop of the day: the Valentiny Foundation. The building's modern, understated, futuristic design is very much in keeping with that of the Audi e-tron GT; these two were clearly made for each other.
It's time to leave this architectural UFO behind and jump back on board our dynamic work of art. Bearing the GT badge brings with it a number of requirements, including excellent dynamic handling and an elegant design that makes you want to go places. The Audi e-tron GT meets all these criteria. With its 350kW under the bonnet, or 476hp, the thrust is very dynamic and is instantly felt.
By the time lunchtime comes around, unlike the car, we really do need to recharge our batteries, and thankfully the Kikuoka Country Club, a huge playground for golfers set in the most extraordinary surroundings, invites us into its bistro for lunch. Here, too, the greenery of the golf courses provides a perfect backdrop for the Audi cars on display as they lie in wait for us.
Fully refuelled, we hit the road again, headed for Rosport. The roads are narrower and more winding this time, but despite its length of almost 5m, the Audi e-tron GT takes bend after bend in its stride.
We have an appointment at the Tudor Museum, on the edge of the village of Rosport. In the 19th century, Luxembourg’s Henri Tudor was one of the pioneers in the development of electricity storage, and he would no doubt have appreciated the sight of these Audi e-tron GTs outside his window!
And finally the time comes to bring this electric adventure to an end and we must savour our final moments with this car. Like all modern Audis, the e-tron GT is fully connected; from infotainment and online services to assistance systems, and much more, everything has been designed with passenger comfort in mind.
With the e-tron GT, Audi really is demonstrating that electric mobility has so much to offer. The four-door coupé combines a striking design that will certainly turn the heads of passers-by with electrifying performance and dynamic handling. You will, however, need to fork out at least €101,200 if you want to become the proud owner of one...

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