58th Autofestival 'til February 5th, 2022

Published on 18.01.2022

From 24 January to 5 February some 170 showrooms belonging to 80 car and motorcycle dealerships will welcome visitors to an atypical Autofestival, between sanitary measures and unusual delivery times.

Over 100 new models will be launched by manufacturers this year, and many of them will be on display to visitors to the dealerships in the Autofestival.

”Despite the difficulties encountered in the microprocessor (semi-conductor) market, the Autofestival remains the best time of the year to buy a new vehicle from a Luxembourg dealer”, explains Fedamo president Philippe Mersch. There are a number of attractive and increasingly flexible ways in which to purchase a new vehicle, with individuals having the option of choosing between traditional financing schemes, balloon financing with residual values or private leasing. “It's also the perfect time to compare and test-drive the manufacturers’ new models and take advantage of special discounts and attractive part exchange offers”, he continues. 
Despite a decline in registrations in 2021 (-1.8% compared to 2020), order books are full, though Philippe Mersch reassures us that “dealers will have existing stock and pre-orders available with reasonable lead times”.

A transformed automotive fleet

The marked trend towards electrified models continued in 2021, representing no less than 36.8% of registrations for hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric engines, compared with 19.8% of registrations in 2020. In the space of ten years (between 2011 and 2021), the share of diesel engines has fallen from 76.2% to 25.2%, while the number of 100% electric vehicles has risen from 1.1% of the automotive fleet to 10.5%. Moreover, “the Luxembourg automotive fleet continues to grow at the same rate as the population, namely around 2%”, according to the SNCA's operational director, Manuel Ruggiu.

Red-hot deals

This growth is due not only to the increase in the electrified engine offering but more importantly to the purchase incentive scheme offering savings of up to €8,000 on electric vehicles.
Since the current support scheme for electric vehicles ends on March 31 and the government has not yet decided in what form the support will continue, the Autofestival is certainly the ideal time to decide to purchase such a vehicle.

Autofestival commercial conditions are already available in advance and can be secured until Saturday 5 February, the last day of the Autofestival 2022.

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