Changes as from 1st of January

Published on 28.12.2021

The start of a new calendar year is also accompanied by changes. It always is. Energy price, the end of certain bonuses, new rules for company cars: ACL is taking stock of the situation.

Carbon tax increase

Despite the dramatic rise in energy prices in recent weeks, the government decided to further increase the carbon tax payable on each tonne of CO2 emissions. After the introduction of the tax last year at 20 € per tonne, on the 1st January a new tax of 5 € per tonne was introduced.

This means the price of fuel will increase substantially. According to experts from the ministry of Finance, this increase is around 1.41 cents per litre for diesel, 1.26 cents for petrol and up to 1.52 cents for heating oil.

Increase in kWh at Chargy stations

As electricity prices are decided well in advance and are generally fixed for one year, users have not seen the price increases on their bills until now. This also changes from 1st January, starting with the kWh rate at the Chargy and SuperChargy charging points.

While you were used to paying 26 cents per kWh, you will now have to pay 34.5 cents (an increase of 32 %). You will also have to pay 48.5 cents per kWh to fill up at a SuperChargy fast station. It should be noted that for the moment, the State does not tax electricity like fossil fuels. For the moment...

The following sheet shows the additional cost for a motorist who drives 15,000 km per year with a vehicle consuming an average of 20 kWh/100 km. 



End of the “Clever Fueren” bonus for plug-in hybrids

All plug-in hybrids that have not been ordered by 30th September 2021 are no longer eligible for the government's "Clever Fueren" bonus of 1,500 €. The other bonuses for 100 % electric and hydrogen vehicles will be continued.

Benefits of the kind for company cars reviewed

From the 1st January onwards, the percentage of the value of the vehicle used to calculate the employee benefit of a company car will change. It will be 0.5 % for electric vehicles consuming less than 18 kWh/100 km and up to 1.8% for vehicles emitting more than 130 g CO2/100 km.


Cost of living allowance increased

Finally, the poorest households eligible for the cost-of-living allowance will receive a boost from the state. The annual amount of this allowance will be increased by 200 € for about 20,000 households whose applications are admissible. A single person earning less than 27,106 € gross per year may receive 1,652 € from 1st January. For a couple earning less than 40,659 € gross per year, this amount will be 2065 € per year.

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