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Travelling in Europe: all about vignettes and tolls for 2021

Published on 14.12.2020

There are a few changes for windshield vignettes this year: new tariffs for Austria and Switzerland and digital vignettes for Czech Republic.

So, let’s use the opportunity to look at all of the vignettes, tolls and other environmental areas in place with our European neighbours.

As per usual, now’s the time to buy any motorway vignettes you need for 2021, and ACL is there to help: as of 1 December, ACL is selling vignettes for Switzerland and Austria, and vignettes for Slovenia will be available from us at our outlets in the next few days.

But, having previously offered you vignettes for Czech motorways, this year sees the introduction of a digital vignette that replaces the sticker, which is no longer available from sales outlets abroad. You can buy them online, from sales outlets in Czech Republic and border kiosks. All you need to know about the new vignette.

You have to pay tolls on motorways in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy, which drivers can do physically at motorway toll barriers or by signing up with the Bip&Go toll system, which you can do at ACL reception. More information on our special web page.

Environmental areas
These environmental areas have increased in number in recent years. Italy, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Spain, etc. Before you cross any of our borders, find out about the rules for your destination country and any countries you might have to pass through. Our neighbours have also been affected by this development, all introducing their own system of vignettes and badges (Germany and France) or digital system (Belgium).

ACL is there to assist you when you travel, always on hand to offer solutions and advice. You will find all the information you need about vignettes, tolls and environmental areas in the Tourism section of our website.

Our Tourism department is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday, or you can call them on +352 450045-1 or email them email at



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