Motorway stickers 2022 soon available

Published on 10.11.2021

The new 2022 stickers for the use of Swiss and Austrian motorways will be on sale at the offices of the Automobile Club (ACL) from Wednesday, December 1st.

The annual stickers for both countries are valid for 14 months, i.e. from 01.12.2021 to 31.01.2023. Please note that the 2021 annual stickers will remain valid until 31.01.2022.


It will now be necessary to pay 93.80 € for the annual vignette and 28.20 € for the one valid for 2 months. The price for 10 days is now 9,60 €. Motorcycles pay the following rates: 2 months 14,10 € and 10 days 5,60 €. An e-vignette is also available (for details, please refer to our dedicated page).


The 2022 sticker costs 39 € and the same amount applies to motorcycles. (For details, please refer to our dedicated web page).


From 1st January 2021 the ACL no longer sells the Slovenian sticker. It is replaced by an electronic vignette, which is no longer sold in international sales outlets. You will be able to buy it online or at points of sale within Slovenia and at border kiosks.


The offices of the ACL (54, route de Longwy) in Bertrange are open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.

The stickers are also available for sale in our Diekirch office (CNVH).

You can also order your sticker via our Member Service and upon receipt of your payment via bank transfer (sticker price + recommended letter cost of 5,80 € for Luxembourg) we will mail it to you.

More information on motorway and urban tolls in Europe can be requested at the ACL (tel.: +352 450045-1; or on our web dedicated area.



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