The life of your battery

Published on 29.04.2022

A new inspection service at the ACL Diagnostic Center

Most problems encountered with electric bikes are caused by a faulty battery, with common symptoms including reduced range, loss of charge or the assistance suddenly cutting out. But fear not - the experts at ACL are here to help.

Batteries inevitably age over time as a result of day-to-day use, but also because they are sometimes stored incorrectly or simply because they age. When buying or selling a used electric bike, the condition of the battery is one of the most important things to check before making a decision.

The diagnosis will also tell you how much capacity the battery has left, which will in turn tell you whether you will need to refurbish it or replace it, or whether it is possible to sell your battery on at the best price.

The experts at the ACL’s Diagnostic Center will perform a fully independent multi-stage inspection of your battery, starting with a visual inspection to check for damage such as dents in the casing, visible water ingress or signs of corrosion. The next step is to check the condition of the charger and that it is working correctly, before determining the amount of energy (Whatt-hour capacity) in the battery and finally assessing the performance of the battery’s internal resistance.

The whole process takes around two hours. Once the inspection has been completed, the ACL’s experts will be happy to provide any information and advice you may need on whether or not you should change your battery and will discuss their findings with you when you collect your battery and charger. You will also receive a detailed measurement report on the battery’s current remaining capacity.


How does it work? 

Practical info:
  • By appointment only (+352 450045-6007 or
  • The battery and charger for the electric bike are required, but the bike itself is not
  • The inspection takes around 2 hours. The battery can be left at the Diagnostic Center and collected during our opening hours once the inspection has been completed

What you neet to bring with you:
  • Your ACL membership card
  • The battery of the electric bike to be tested (the battery must be fully charged)
  • The corresponding charger
  • Please ensure that the manufacturer's label bearing the nominal data is still legible (you can also bring the user manual with you)
  • The bike is not required for the inspection.

Non-members: €57
Exclusive for ACL members: €44



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