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Published on 20.03.2020

The ACL takes all necessary precautions (last update: 20.03.2020)

Since the appearance of COVID-19 in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the ACL is taking, as of today and until further notice, additional measures in order to guarantee, as far as possible, the continuity of its activities. The quality of our service as well as the health of our employees remains at the heart of our commitment and we will do our utmost to ensure a minimum service to our members and clients, in compliance with hygiene rules.
These rules are constantly re-evaluated according to the evolution of the situation and the instructions promulgated by the Health Department. 
You will find below more details on the new measures put in place:

Services provided by the ACL, the SNCA and the SNCT


For ACL Bertrange


Current situation at ACL: our offices are closed but the following services are guaranteed and accessible by phone only :  

Assistance Center and Roadside Assistance: service provided 24/7 (26000)
Membership service: service provided Mo-Fr 8 am - 6 pm (450045-1)
ACL Clubmobil: Mon-Fri 9 am - 5 pm; SATURDAY closed (450045-6100)
The ACL Diagnostic Center is closed.​

  • Road services and the call center will ensure continuity, 24/7. For the road service, travelling abroad is not recommended as we are dependent on the measures taken by the local authorities. Update (17.03.2020): 
    In order to facilitate the entry of cross-border workers into Luxembourg during possible border controls, the Luxembourg government has issued a certificate attesting to the employment relationship with the employee. 
    This certificate serves as proof of the need to cross the border between France and Luxembourg under the COVID19 situation. Upon presentation of this certificate, cross-border workers residing in France will be exempted from the restrictions on border crossings between France and Luxembourg.

    After announcing the closure of three of its borders, Germany has decided to tighten controls at its border with Luxembourg. 
    Only cross-border workers will now be able to cross the border between Germany and Luxembourg. 
    In order to do so, you will have to provide proof that you need to cross the border between Germany and Luxembourg, otherwise the German police will not let you pass. 
    A certificate has therefore been made available by the government of the Grand Duchy. It must be duly completed by the employee as well as by the employer, who must sign it in order for it to be valid.

  • In order to facilitate the entry of cross-border workers residing in Belgium into Luxembourg during border controls, the Luxembourg government has issued a certificate attesting to the employment relationship with the employee. To access the certificate, click here.
In case of emergency, our call-center can still be reached at the number 26000.
  • The Diagnostic Center is closed from 18th March  2020 until further notice. 
  • ClubMobil, the " Reception " desk and the Mobility LOFT are closed. Exceptionally and in case of emergency only, a minimum service will be provided by appointment from 8 am to 6 pm at the "Reception" desk and at ClubMobil. The service of replacement vehicles is provided.


For the ACL Diekirch location

  • The Diekirch ACL location is closed until further notice.


For all SNCA sites:

  • All registration, accreditation, driver's license and reception counters will be closed to the public.

  • Registration, approvals and driver's license files for private individuals will only be received by mail or by deposit in one of the mailboxes of the various sites. A telephone number or email address of the contact person must be included with each application.

  • The registration, approval and driving licence files of professional customers will only be received during the deposit procedure and processed in the back office, avoiding as far as possible any physical contact when the deposit is handed over.

  • All theoretical and practical driving licence examinations are cancelled until further notice. Driving schools as well as candidates with appointments will be contacted personally as soon as the situation allows new appointments to be made.

  • People who urgently need to collect a driving licence from one of the SNCA sites are requested to call the call-center at 26 62 64 00 or send an email to so that a backup solution can be worked out on a case-by-case basis. 

Certain registration and driving licence procedures can be carried out online 7 days a week, 24 hours a day via the platform.

For any further information or in case of emergency, a call-center is available at 26 62 64 00.


For the SNCT

In the interest of reducing the risk of transmission for customers of roadworthiness testing bodies as well as for roadworthiness inspectors, certain precautionary measures will have to be observed from Tuesday 17 March 2020 until further notice.

The following precautionary measures will be applicable for all technical inspection organizations:

  • The technical inspection centres will only accept vehicles for the specified period of time for which the technical inspection certificate will expire within 2 weeks or for which the technical inspection certificate is no longer valid;

  • Contact with the customer should be reduced to a strict minimum;

  • The number of customers waiting in a closed room must not exceed 5 persons. In addition, a minimum distance of 2m between customers must be maintained;

  • It is recommended that technical control inspectors protect themselves with single-use gloves or a disinfectant against possible transmission of pathogens when the inspector has to manoeuvre a client's vehicle.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Mobility and Public Works, reserves the right to adapt the present restrictions according to the assessment of the situation and may verify at any time the application of the present obligations and recommendations by the technical control organizations.

For further information or in case of emergency, a contact person is available at (+352) 247-84958.


The introduction of these provisions is intended to mitigate the impact of the epidemic, to safeguard the health of our employees and those around them, and to maintain our level of service at the highest possible level.




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