A breakdown-free summer

Published on 14.06.2022

While most of our members are preparing to set off on holiday, the ACL call and support centre is gearing up for the summer and the breakdown and accident calls that come with it. Don't risk spoiling your holiday: follow our experts’ advice.

Our main partner, Assistance Routière pour les Constructeurs (ARC) has reported a 25% drop in the number of replacement vehicles available, making it more important than ever to prepare for any breakdowns that might requires the use of a hire car. Unlucky holidaymakers can expect to encounter some pretty major obstacles in southern Europe, especially in France.

Don't set off without taking certain precautions

  Make sure your vehicle is in perfect condition. The ACL Diagnostic Center offers holiday tests at a cost of €39 for ACL members and €117 for non-members. Make an appointment.
  Make sure you are an ACL Europe card holder and that you are travelling to a country covered by ACL Assistance.
  Always carry a credit card (rather than a debit card) with you. This is the only type of card that can be used to cover the deposit when hiring a car.
  Before you set off, install the ACL App, fill in your personal details and activate the geolocation function on your smartphone.
In the event of an accident or breakdown, contact the ACL for assistance immediately* using your eCall mobile to open a ticket.


And if you still break down...

If, despite all of the precautions you’ve taken, your vehicle is off the road following a breakdown or collision, the ACL will, of course, be there for you and offers the following advice:

  • Be flexible when it comes to the type of vehicle you are offered - after all, it’s better to have something than nothing at all!
  • Where our agents recognise that there could be a lengthy wait for the right solution to be implemented, the ACL may recommend that you arrange a taxi, hire car, train or hotel yourself if this is required as a result of your vehicle being off the road. These costs will be covered and reimbursed as part of the mobility assistance we provide for Europe cardholders. The agents at our call management centre will guide you through the process.
  • When you are on the phone to a member of our staff, please remember that they will do their utmost to provide you with the assistance you need and that even if the waiting time seems long, it is important that we implement the best possible solution in conjunction with our partners. We would ask that you please be patient and understanding.

We hope that you will not need our assistance and that you will enjoy a peaceful and pleasant holiday. Safe travels!


* Although your first instinct should always be to contact the ACL for assistance, it’s important to remember that on Belgian and French motorways, only the call points provided along the hard shoulder should be used to request a recovery vehicle.


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