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Angela & Julie : "ACL, Moien!"

Published on 19.07.2021

With holidays coming up, the Assistance Centre team is bracing itself for an increase in the number of calls. Julie and Angela, the Team Leaders, welcomed us to the Centre in between calls.

The teams of the Assistance Centre answer members’ questions on a daily basis, whether by telephone or email. As Team Leaders, Julie and Angela each head up a team of five people.

“We’re there to manage them, but mainly to support them in answering the most complicated questions,” Angela explains. Since the onset of the health crisis, the nature of the questions has changed somewhat.
“The health aspect has made its appearance, mainly at the beginning of the COVID crisis The most difficult thing was managing the fact that the breakdown mechanic couldn’t take people in distress in his vehicle,” Julie recalls. They had to call taxis to take members home. Meanwhile most of the activities have returned to normal. “The number of calls and interventions are now around the same as before the crisis.” 
Right now, the ACL Assistance Centre is getting ready for the summer season. Unlike last year when travel was limited, the team expects a large volume of requests this year. “We think people are going to travel more by car, in regions relatively close to Luxembourg.” 
So preparations are under way for a mass exodus so as to respond as well as possible to members’ needs. “For us, the time of large-scale holidays is the time of restricted leave. It’s one of the times that our members’ expectations are at their highest. We have to stay on the alert.” 
Although it’s the same thing every year, every situation is different. “We can’t foresee everything. Of course, we project and anticipate the most frequent questions that will be asked, but there are always exceptional cases.” 
To be as responsive as possible, it is important to train and inform new employees. “Anyone who hasn’t yet spent a summer season with the Assistance Centre needs to know that he mustn’t count the hours for now.”  The employees of the Assistance Centre must help people in the shortest time possible. "Our members are our priority. We don’t just stop work when time’s up. We don’t like to leave calls unattended or people waiting,”, the two young women explain with commitment. On average, the Assistance Centre attends to one call every ten seconds, so that the person on the other end of the line does not have to wait long.
At this time of the year, many of the actions to be carried out take place abroad. “We have to collaborate with the clubs of the various different countries, organise members’ repatriation or find them accommodation locally.”  For this season, the centre expects a few complications. “As a result of the crisis, car rental firms have cut back on stock, not thinking that business would pick up again so quickly. What with unavailable replacement vehicles and closed hotels, the complexity of the situation will require some additional time to find assistance solutions for people.”  However, members can always have their vehicle checked at the ACL Diagnostic Centre before going on holiday. Renting a vehicle from ACL Clubmobil is another solution allowing you to take to the road with peace of mind.
As you will have gathered, the employees of the Assistance Centre all have one common value: mutual assistance. Whether it’s helping a member or supporting a colleague, unfailing commitment and solidarity are the
key words in this service, which operates 24/7!



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