2019 Summer Tyre Test

Published on 06.03.2019

32 tyres on the test bench

The current tyre test performed by European motoring clubs, of which the Automobile Club du Luxembourg (ACL) is one, tested 32 summer tyres for city cars and people carriers.

Two products achieved a ‘Good’ rating and 14 a ‘Satisfactory’ rating in the 185/65 R15 category (for city cars). People carrier (or van) tyres in the 215/65 R16C category were also tested for the first time, though the results were somewhat disappointing, with 5 models achieving a ‘Satisfactory’ rating, 2 an ‘Acceptable’ rating and 9 an ‘Unsatisfactory’ rating owing to their poor performance on wet roads.

As usual, the tyres were tested in accordance with all relevant safety criteria to ensure that they were up to the standards required in a real-life situation, whether on a wet or a dry road. The main criteria were handling on wet and dry roads, wear, fuel consumption, noise and high-speed stability.

215/65 R16C category
People carriers and vans are generally used for commercial purposes (the ‘C’ standing for ‘commercial’) but are becoming increasingly popular as family vehicles among private owners. Furthermore, the tyres that were tested are also fitted on vehicles used to carry people and on motor-homes.
In the final tyre test, these tyres obtained a high mileage but their grip in wet conditions was below average, achieving 5 ‘Satisfactory’ ratings, 2 ‘Acceptable’ and 9 ‘Unsatisfactory’!

185/65 R15 category
Of the tyres in the 185/65 R15 category, which are used on many city cars including the VW Polo, none of the models tested really skidded. Two products did, however, stand out from the rest, one these being the new Turanza T005 by Bridgestone, which performed well in all respects, achieving the best scores on both wet and dry roads with only a relatively high noise level tainting its overall performance. The other outstanding product was Vredestein’s Sportrac 5, which scored a ‘Good’ rating in this respect and performed well with a high mileage.

All results can be seen in the attached tables:

185 65 R15 category

215 65 R16C category

They can also be found in the next edition of Autotouring (along with plenty of advice) or by contacting the ACL on +352 450045-1 or by emailing acl@acl.lu.


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