Peugeot 208

Published on 16.03.2020

Peugeot shows its claws

The new Peugeot 208, available in both internal combustion and electric versions, was elected “Car of the Year 2020” at the Geneva Motor Show, one year after its first public appearance.
By unveiling the second generation of one of its flagship models, Peugeot placed great hopes in it while at the same time taking a whole new turn. Building on the success of the first version, this new model should not only do as well as its predecessor, but should also succeed in dethroning its long-standing rival, the Renault Clio, from the top spot of the best-selling cars in France.

Banking on the energy of tomorrow, Peugeot opted for a 100% electric engine, a first for the brand. Thermal versions have also been produced to satisfy every driver, and this is certainly a point that pleased the jury when it chose the “car of the year”. Indeed, the French city car is available with different engines: diesel with 100 bhp, petrol in 75, 100 and 130 bhp, and electric for 136 bhp / 100 kW.
Aesthetically, the model has been completely redesigned. With a longer front muzzle and a less rounded rear end, the new 208 stands out from the crowd by displaying Peugeot's new visual identity; front headlights reminiscent of lion's teeth - the brand's symbol - and rear lights marked by three claws and linked by a black band. One thing is certain, the 208 is not lacking in looks and personality.
The interior is also revolutionary; the High Cockpit above the steering wheel giving the driver a maximum of information, the large central screen, original finishes on the dashboard and a trendy design, Peugeot is confirming its desire to offer increasingly top-of-the-range vehicles to its customers.
The entry-level Peugeot 208 is priced at €14,000 and rises to almost €23,000 for the highest engine in the GT Line version. The electric variants range from €29,300 to €33,600.
The Peugeot 208 turns industry codes upside down by offering an engine for everyone, refined design and technological advances. With this new model, Peugeot has set the bar high in the massively competitive small city car sector. Since the beginning of the year, the 208 has also been the best-selling car in France; a successful career start for the Lion brand's newcomer!
Very soon, we will present and give you our opinion on the new 208 in a video on our Facebook page Young ACL.

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