Drop-off point at the ACL for used laptops and smartphones

Published on 29.04.2020

The ACL offers valuable assistance to the non-profit organization Digital Inclusion by installing a Drop-off Point, accessible 24/7, for used laptops and smartphones. During this period of confinement, donations of computer equipment (laptops and smartphones) are redistributed to disadvantaged students in order to offer an equal opportunity to each of them to pursue their studies at home in the best conditions.
The founder and president, Patrick de la Hamette, describes Digital Inclusion as “a non-profit association that works to help disadvantaged households in Luxembourg to have access to the digital world: through material support (donations of computers and smartphones that have been refurbished in our social workshops) and through our courses (courses for beginners in computer science, in 11 different languages).”
Up to now, 14 laptops and 2 Apple iMac have been delivered.

If you too have a laptop or smartphone that you no longer use, do not hesitate to donate it to Digital Inclusion.

How do I do a donation?

On the www.digital-inclusion.lu/contribute website, you will find the criteria for donating a smartphone or laptop.
Contact the association by e-mail at donations@digital-inclusion.lu in French, German or English. The procedure will then be sent to you in detail.
Once Digital Inclusion has been contacted, you can drop off your laptop or smartphone, packed in a bag, at the Drop-off Point at the ACL Diagnostic Center in Bertrange. The Drop-off Point is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The ACL will then take care of handing the equipment over to Digital Inclusion.
For more information about Digital Inclusion, please visit their website www.digital-inclusion.lu.


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