Vignettes, tolls and environmental zones



Appointment request for Bip & Go as of June 1, 2022

From June 1, 2022, we ask you to make an appointment if you would like to have a Bip&Go subscription.
Please call +352 450045-1 or email

Without appointment


People who already have a Bip&Go subscription and who would like to change their formula must make the changes themselves in their "subscriber area" on the website

If you have a badge that is only valid for France and you want to add Spain, Italy or Portugal, you must log on to your online customer area (on the website and apply for a new badge.

This also applies to customers whose badge is currently valid for France, Spain and Portugal and who wish to add Italy. You will then receive a new badge at your home address and will then have to return your old badge. You can also go to Metz at 87 avenue Général Metman and ask for an exchange on the spot.

Customers with a Bip&Go valid for France and Spain can add the tolls for Portugal themselves in their subscriber area.

Practical information about the Bip&Go:

For more information, contact ACL by e-mail at or by phone at +352 450045-1.

Vignettes and tolls 

The badge "Europe" for France, Spain, Portugal and Italy for new Bip&Go customers

Nouveau : Le badge « Europe » (France, Espagne, Portugal et Italie) est disponible dès maintenant à l'ACL à Bertrange pour les nouveaux clients Bip&Go.


The owners of a Bip&Go must exchange it for a new model at the sales office of

87, avenue Général Metman
F-57076 Metz
Phone: 0033 9 708 08 765,

on SANEF toll stations
 or order it in their subscriber area.​



Badge « Europe » (France, Spain, Portugal and Italy):

Use in France :

A la carte
You only use the motorway from time to time, for example to go on holiday or for a weekend.
Price: €1.70 per month circulated. You only pay for the months you used the badge.

If the badge is not used for each consecutive 12-month period, a non-use fee of €10 will be charged on the 13th month.

Au forfait (fixed price)
You use the highway at least once a month, either for daily or weekend trips.
Price: €16.00 per year.

Use in Spain, Portugal and Italy: 

The commissioning fee is €26.00 for ACL members (€47.00 for non-members). This amount is not refundable. Of course, the customer remains liable for the toll charges.
Fees for the use of the badge in Spain and Portugal per month circulated:
By default, €2,50/month circulated and per badge.
Only in the months when the badge is used in Spain and/or Portugal.


Fees for the use of the badge in Italy per month circulated:
€2,50/month circulated and by badge.
Only the months when the badge is used in Italy.

User fees in Spain and/or Portugal and Italy are charged independently and in addition to the subscription fees for France.
Annual fixed price for the use of the badge in Spain, Portugal and Italy :
€10,00/year and per badge.

User fees in Spain, Portugal, Italy are charged independently and in addition to the subscription fees for France.

Whether you are an occasional or frequent traveller, choose the subscription that suits you best: 
  Occasional traveler  Frequent traveller
France €1,70 per month circulated €16 per year
Spain and Portugal €2,50 per month circulated €10 per year
Italy  €2,50 per month circulated
0 € for months not circulated

 To subscribe to an account, please bring:
  • Your identity card or another identity paper
  • Your credit card V PAY (with IBAN number or R.I.B.)
  • Your mobile phone (for electronic signature with a code, sent by text message)  
  • Your e-mail address

Your badge “Bip&Go” can be activated immediately. 

If you don’t have time to come to our shop yourself, please complete this mandate to give the permission to another person to buy on your behalf. We need, of course, all the required documents (the originals) for the signing of the subscription.

 For more information, contact us on +352 450045-1. 

Environmental zones

Although it is, as yet, only compulsory in certain aereas and only under certain circumstances, it is recomended to apply for a LEZ sticker if you travel to France on a regular basis. In order to do so, please visit and complete the form under Applying for your certificate > Vehicles Registered Abroad. Click the blue button with the white + to enter your details and those of your vehicle. You will need your registration certificate (you should also attach a scanned copy of it to your application). This will cost you €4.21, payable by card, but beware of other websites offering these certificates at a much higher cost. The stated time frame for receiving the sticker is 3 weeks, so avoid leaving it until the last minute.

What is a LEZ sticker?
The LEZ air quality sticker is a self-adhesive sticker that should be displayed on the windscreen of the vehicle stating to which of the six categories of vehicle determined based on their atmospheric pollutant emissions the vehicle belongs. Bear in mind that privately-owned cars (M1 category) that were first registered prior to 1997 are not entitled to such a certificate.   

Is the sticker compulsory in France?
A Crit’Air sticker is compulsory in certain zones, known as ZCRs (‘restricted traffic zones’). The signs located at the entrances to these zones will state not only the days and times during which traffic is restricted by also which categories can enter these zones during these periods. Such zones are currently in force for example in Paris, Grenoble, Lyon, Lille and Strasbourg. The Parisian restricted traffic zone covers the entire inner-Paris area, not including the suburbs.
In addition to these ZCRs there are also a number of ZPAs - temporary environmental zones - in place during peak pollution periods when traffic restrictions may be applied in accordance with the sticker.  The number of ZPAs in force changes on a day-to-day basis and we would advise that you visit for further and up-to-date information and order your Crit’Air sticker exclusively via this website -

For further information please contact us by phone on +352 45 00 45 -1 or by email at

Last Update : 03 August 2022