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Yes, no, maybe: Restrictions in Europe

Before going to or passing through a country, use our website to find out about the health measures in force. Travel conditions in Europe currently depend on the development of the health crisis. The situation remains difficult and the authorities of the countries concerned may change entry conditions at any time, sometimes even without notice. ACL provides regular updates with the latest information on the European countries. 

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Before you go: ACL, with you from A to Z

ACL is the ideal partner for all your trips, whatever your mode of transportation. Depending on your destination, you will need to provide certain documents to ensure your stay goes smoothly.
Our travel service will be at your side to provide you with all the information you need about your place of destination and how to get there. Our staff will help you work out the best route to take, taking into account traffic forecasts and any tolls, and will provide you with a personalised itinerary free of charge. For some countries, you will also need a vignette sticker (Switzerland and Austria), an international driving licence (outside Europe), an environmental badge (Germany) or a Bip&Go electronic toll badge (France, Spain, Portugal, Italy). You can get everything you need from ACL in Bertrange.

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ACL Shop: Inspiration and discovery

Besides a number of safety products, such as safety vests, warning triangles, keyless pouches and luggage fastening systems, the ACL Shop has a wide range of travel publications. Guide books, maps and the latest specialist literature on travelling and must-see tourist attractions at the ACL Shop in Bertrange or on

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