DKV - health-travel insurance

Coverage of risks encountered while travelling abroad.

DKV - health-travel insurance


DKV: Touring and Voyage


The ACL offers comprehensive medical travel insurances in conjunction with DKV Luxembourg for an additional fee. This insurances cover the risks incurred when travelling abroad that are not covered by statutory health insurance, including, e.g. medical services, drugs and dressings, hospitalisation costs, surgical procedures, dental care aimed at relieving pain and temporary fillings, and many other benefits.
Members can choose between two options:
“Touring” for annual cover or
“Voyage” for 7 to 99 days’ cover.

The “Touring” policy is valid for foreign trips taken during the insurance year (up to a maximum of 6 weeks per stay in a foreign country). The policy comes into effect on the 1st day of the month in which the insurance policy is taken out and expires after 12 months.

Annual premium
(including insurance tax)

  Individual insurance Family insurance*
Entry age 0-69 36,00 € 90,00 €
Entry age from  105,00 €  

*The premium depends on the age of the oldest family member and is recalculated annually.  

The “Voyage” policy is also valid for foreign travel and can be taken out on an individual basis for a trip lasting a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 99 days.
Cost per person: €1.20/day

Premium per person
(including insurance tax) 

  Individual insurance
per day  1,20 € 

Further information: (in French)

DKV Flyer "Touring/Voyage" DE+FR

DKV Vertrag/Contrat "Touring"

DKV Vertrag/Contrat "Voyage"

DKV "Touring" Conditions Générales d'Assurance

DKV "Voyage" Conditions Générales d'Assurances

Recommenden by DKV Luxembourg: Your travel pharmacy Make the right preparations for your holiday, and then relax
Are you going on holiday soon? Then don’t forget to pack a mini pharmacy kit in your suitcase. First of all, you should tailor your pharmacy kit to your travel destination in good time, since a trip to certain countries and continents requires not only mandatory vaccinations but also incurs special risks of illness. For this pharmacy kit you are well advised to include:

  • Sun protection Choose a sunscreen that matches your skin type. And remember: better too much protection than too little.
  • Prophylaxis against mosquitoes and ticks There are a large number of plant-based preparations (e. g. sprays and ointments) that have a good effect.
  • Remedy for travel sickness (nausea)
  • Anti-diarrhoea agents A drug for electrolyte replacement is particularly important here in the case of acute illness.
  • Stomachics To counter unpleasant symptoms such as heartburn
  • Antipyretic If you are not sure, put a handy fever thermometer in your luggage.
  • Gel for itching A pain-relieving gel is always advisable for insect stings and sunburn, especially advisable for anyone who is in the fresh air and sunshine a lot during their trip.
  • Painkillers You should have the appropriate remedy prescribed in advance by your doctor.
  • Cold remedies Even mild medications for colds, coughs or sore throats are usually enough to stop a cold in its early stages.
  • Nose drops To counter earache. Nose drops can be used to alleviate or prevent discomfort in the ear, nose and throat area during long flights.
  • First aid kit This allows you to provide first aid for wounds (including with bandages and disinfectants), especially recommended for active holidaymakers.

If you are taking any long-term medication for chronic conditions, then you should always take the appropriate pharmaceutical manufacturer's packaging leaflet along with your medication, in case you need a new medicine unexpectedly on your trip or have sudden side effects. Before starting your holiday, please check with your doctor whether you need to have a medical certificate for your medicines. In some countries, for example, strong painkillers may not be provided without a medical certificate.
Please pay careful attention to all symptoms of illness that you are unable to assess (such as sudden fever), and look for a doctor (or a hospital) at your holiday destination if you are in any doubt about the right way to take care of yourself.
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For relaxed travel, we recommend the TOURING or VOYAGE medical travel insurance which we offer together with ACL to all ACL members.
We wish you a perfect holiday and a good journey!
DKV Luxembourg


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