What and who is MuppenTrupp:  
4 women - 1 vision : MuppenTrupp
Claudia Krapf, Angela Kaisinger, Nina Weinberger and Verena Helfrich, as silent partner, ahare one great passion : dogs! 

By creating the Hundezentrum MuppenTrupp S.à r.l. on the property of the former Moulin de Consdorf, in the midst of the luxembourgish Müllerthal, offering "alles ronderem den hond" is a dream come true for everybody.

MuppenTrupp offers a large range of services in the following fields :
  • dogtraining
  • doghotel
  • dogknowledge
  • dogleisure

Every founding members brings in her profession with heart and soul, in such a way that all uests can expect a high-quality and well-thought concept. The team is completed by competent staff members.
Since april 1st 2017, after an extended remodelling of the facilities, the gastronomy and hotel business are open.

We are happy to welcome our two- and four-legged guests and to spend enjoyable hours with them!

„MuppenTrupp“ and the ACL grant ACL-members exclusive advantages : 

  • Booking a group walk or Kimitour : 10 persons + 1 free.
  • Booking a course offer (education, occupation) : 10 hours + 1 free
  • Dog-sitting for ACL-members : 1 day 10% discount

For foreign clients :
  • Hotel reservation minimum 5 days : 10% discount on the first day.

MuppenTrupp Sàrl
2 Rue du Moulin
L-6211 Consdorf