With an A for Assistance

Published on 30.08.2022

Automobile... and much more The ACL is moving with the times. While it remains the Automobile Club du Luxembourg, the ACL offers a range of services that go far beyond the car. The "A comme" communication campaign, which starts this month, informs the public in a fun and original way.

In tune with the times, the Club lives, evolves and adapts. ACL has always stressed its multimodal, sustainable and affordable vision of mobility. The inclusive approach of its information, training, education and assistance missions applies to all road users.

From the beginning of September, ACL is launching a new communication campaign with the catchline "ACL with an A for Assistance". The campaign, which includes print, digital and poster advertising, will be developed over the coming weeks in a number of original and surprising ways. With references to travel, the expertise of ACL staff, negotiated benefits for members, soft mobility and car rental, the "with an A for Assistance" campaign promises to make a lasting impression.

ACL's missions

In terms of individual mobility, the ACL's primary mission is to provide assistance to its members in all circumstances, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
To do this, the Club draws on all the experience it has acquired over its 90 years of existence and now also offers its expertise in areas such as electromobility or specific two-wheeler practices.
The second is to look after the interests of its members by giving them the means to be as well informed as possible about the future of intelligent and sustainable mobility. In the context of the energy transition in particular, information and assistance to members is crucial to achieve a harmonious, well thought-out and affordable transition.

Beyond its missions to serve the general public and companies, ACL has managed to preserve this club spirit. The enthusiasm and professionalism of the staff lead more and more people to ACL to buy motorway toll stickers, organise their trips and check the condition of their vehicles. All this without forgetting the thousands of listeners who tune in to ACL Traffic Info on national radio stations.

The contact, generosity and dedication of ACL's staff in serving its members today stands out from other, often more commercial, approaches. Indeed, the ACL is also spelled with an A for "Welcome" and for 90 years now has been giving the word "Assistance" all its credentials.

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