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Foyer - Travel Insurance

Term Travel Insurance by Foyer

An attack of appendicitis in New York?
Missed flight following the theft of identity documents?
llness diagnosed by a doctor forcing a trip to be cancelled?
The Term Travel Insurance offer enables your customers to book their trips with complete peace of mind, and provides comprehensive protection against the consequences of incidents that could occur before and during a trip abroad anywhere in the world.


Travel cancellation insurance and luggage insurance on a single member vacation organized by ACL :

Travel price per person

Single person


500 € incl. VAT

30 € incl. VAT

89 € incl. VAT

1.000 € incl. VAT

48 € incl. VAT

149 € incl. VAT

1.500 € incl. VAT

75 € incl. VAT

209 € incl. VAT

2.000 € incl. VAT

82 € incl. VAT

268 € incl. VAT

2.500 € incl. VAT

100 € incl. VAT

328 € incl. VAT

3.000 € incl. VAT

117 € incl. VAT

388 € incl. VAT

The prices shown are sample prices, special conditions apply for couples and groups.



All-in-one protection for a member vacation organized by ACL​ 

Medical, treatment and hospitalisation costs
Costs for ambulance, extension of stay, urgent dental treatment, etc.
Reimbursement for lost, stolen or damaged luggage up to €3,000
Cash, valuables and fees and taxes are also covered.
Repatriation in the event of accident, illness or death of the insured
Cover of the return trip for other insured parties, children under 16 and supporting of other insured parties
Cover for the cancellation of your trip
Accident, serious illness, theft of your papers, unforeseen events (car accident, home jacking, etc.), professional reasons


Travel price per person

Single person


500 € incl. VAT

44 € incl. VAT

143 € incl. VAT

1000 € incl. VAT

65 € incl. VAT

218 € incl. VAT

1500 € incl. VAT

82 € incl. VAT

277 € incl. VAT

2000 € incl. VAT

103 € incl. VAT

353 € incl. VAT

2500 € incl. VAT

121 € incl. VAT

412 € incl. VAT

3000 € incl. VAT

138 € incl. VAT

472 € incl. VAT

Prices shown are sample prices based on 8 travel days, special rates apply for couples and groups.

Important information:
- The travel insurance is only valid for a booked ACL member vacation organized by ACL.
- The application for travel insurance must be received max. 7 days after booking the trip

Further information (in French):
Conditions générales – Assurance Voyages ACL-Foyer

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